3D reconstruction IV. Adding details

Modelling techniques for creating the case, tenons and mortises

  1. Duplicating the frame and extend it ca. 25cm to build the straight sides of the case (measurements from previously blog entry – 30cm – minus approx. 5cm for the frame).
  2. Adding the back plate by just copying the un-detailed backup of the lid and placing it below the sides.
  3. Cutting out the polygons between the lower end (foot) of the coffin, to resemble the construction out of several wood pieces like in plate V, the same for the pieces above the shoulders.
  4. Adding a little bit of space to these cuts to see them better in later renderings.
  5. Creating the tenons based on the two from the SfM-model (only height and length can be derived from it, depth can be estimated to some extend from the front diameter of the square frame wood pieces in comparison with tenons depicted in pictures of coffins by Taylor 2009).
  6. Duplicating and placing them in the fashion like plate V
  7. Using Boolean operator to cut the mortises into the case walls.


J.H. Taylor (2009), Coffins as evidence for a ‘north-south divide’ in the 22nd-25th dynasties, in: G.P.F. Broekman/R.J. Demarée/O.E. Kaper (edd.), The Libyan Period in Egypt. Historical and cultural studies into the 21st-24th dynasties: Proceedings of a conference at Leiden University, 25-27 October 2007 (Leiden), 375–415.

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